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Aug. 15th, 2020 05:17 pm
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So it seems that you have called. Perhaps I am using the phone to fuse persona, or perhaps eating, perhaps many things but I am not here. Leave a message if you the fates deem it necessary.
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Name: Ben
Contact: https://www.plurk.com/YuiichiKayama
Other Characters: None

Character Name: Elizabeth
Age: Late Teens, time is somewhat funny when the velvet room is concerned
Canon: Persona FES/Arena after receiving her wild card

AU History: The Sea of the Soul and Velvet Room are tied into all universes in some way, after gaining her wild card ability Elizabeth chose to find a world that is less in danger of being devoured by Erebus should the wall fall, where she could learn how to coax the beast back to sleep instead of just kill it every year for it to come back bigger and angrier the next year. In this decision she crossed into the world of super heroes over the world of vaguely Lovecraftian monsters as there is far less despair there.

Personality: Elizabeth is somewhat alien. She doesn't exactly understand how humanity works and while she knows what things ARE she frequently mistakes how they actually work. Usually things that fascinate her are imagined in the most sinister way possible, given how she viewed an escalator as a punishment and an open sewer grate to be a trap. Things she does understand generally are spiritual or mythological and she tends to go overboard with them, even going so far as to giving a million yen to a fountain just to gain the favor of the "spirit" that lived in it. Elizabeth's biggest issue is she just is beginning to understand how humanity succeeds by coming together. She has MADE the realization but still sometimes defaults to her "Let me handle this!" approach to the world. This is frequently why she meddles in things she's not really wanted in and causes problems as SHE will be the one to fix it! She doesn't know how, but she has lots of heart, and not a whole lot of planning and that will save, well whatever it is she's trying to save. Or at least it will be more interesting than actually trying to figure things out. She did finally come to the understanding that it is the bonds humanity forms with each other which is its greatest strength and ultimately unlocked her wild card ability, but old habits die hard.

While she frequently CAN be aloof about things, if something pings her interest Elizabeth will go in with all her heart and enthusiasm, even if not really wanted there. ESPECIALLY if not wanted there. She crashed a competition to dub the manliest of all men, even though she was a woman, just because it seemed exciting to do so. Her desire to save Minato led her to leave her position in the velvet room and go on a quest to kill Erebus, a monster given life by humanity's desire for self destruction, and she was able to focus her power enough to kill it several times shortly after its resurrection.

Liz doesn't exactly have the highest regard for life, when she was asking for subdual quests she wanted proof of the kills, body parts, when she asked for something to die. While she also asked for curious items from the world outside those were much rarer. When angered Elizabeth's first response is violence, and if she can't solve a problem with violence obviously she isn't using enough of it. Her first attempt at finding herself was to initiate a duel with Minato and her favored tactic of dealing with her brother is threats (ones he probably gives into due to violence in the past but that is never EXACTLY spelled out). That being said she is not quick to anger and tends to believe that when wronged the punishments frequently should match the crime (when her brother framed her for stealing "food" and it was found out her punishment was an implied threat of "he had better make a nice meal for everyone OR ELSE").

Despite all of this Elizabeth is very devoted. While Igor allowed her to see the outside world with Minato, she always returned to being his dutiful attendant and logging the persona that were summoned till the end of both her guest's ordeals. When she was exploring the outside world she knew that doing what she wanted and staying with Minato would lead to him loosing access to her aide in the Velvet Room. When she was Aigis' attendant she did everything she could do to keep Aigis from giving up and falling to her mechanical loss of heart. When those duties were done she stood guard and killed the monster that threatened the soul of Minato twice before setting off to find her own way of killing the monster without killing all of humanity as she viewed the monster grow with power and what she was doing was simply not effective in freeing Minato's soul from the seal. All of this despite her family trying to get her to return home her stubborn devotion to her quest has made her sister realize that the only way she will ever return to the velvet room will be as a "guest" and not a member of it.

Summon Thanatos: The ability to summon the persona Thanatos, who specializes in debuff magic and direct attack. http://megamitensei.wikia.com/wiki/Thanatos Persona Arena version
Read Lost Carcosan: Sure anyone can read the script of the great old ones, but Liz can do it, speak it fluently, and NOT go crazy as well. Note: Singing songs in Lost Carcosan is creepy and may disturb those around her.
Lounge in a Sweet magic chair: Creates a chair made out of magic, chair is invisible but very comfy.
Dance to the Aria of the Soul: So much dancing, screw you and your 8 hour Charleston Cap, Liz’s moves are 1000% Technoier and lightstick raver, all in the low low package of NOT 8 hours, 6 tops. Though she could if she wanted.
Powers to advance as new personas and more fighting moves.

RP Sample: https://avengerooc.dreamwidth.org/375.html?thread=14967#cmt14967 TDM

Rio, a city of both hope, and despair. A city where the cries of the poor are being ignored by walls, yet the world is showcased. It was here that exposure and despair were the perfect soil for the seeds of something dark to be planted, and here where in the humidity of the pools a darkness grew into something no many could fathom. With the sickness that was infesting the area supernatural creatures were being born to spread their misery to the many athletes and spectators who hoped to watch an event free from the threat of mosquito and the sun. Invisible to mere mortals who would stop this fiendish plot?

With that a door opened out of nowhere, stepping forth was no sorcerer supreme, or even Lord of Latvaria protecting his people, just a simple girl in blue humming a tune lost to humanity millennia ago when other dark things walked the Earth. Looking she pulled a book from nowhere and tilted her head.

“Now, a series of pools, yet despair demons are being born. No, this will not do. I came to this place to revel in heroism to see such things destroyed yet here I am. What a bother.”

Her eyes glittering an almost unwholesome gold, seemingly visible even in the darkness of the closed building, she peered up at the monsters circling, preparing to infest this whole places with her darkness and laughed. Not a laugh of joy, not a laugh of challenge, an almost mocking laugh that showed more pity than mirth as she drew her book in one hand, and several cards to her other.

“Well, seeing as how you do not even pay me notice, your fate is now in the cards.”

Leaping over the water she clobbered one, it dissolving into a deep green ooze that fell into the water as another charged her. Raising her book to block she was knocked back as a black figure that reeked of death leaps from her being and tore into the remaining monsters.
“Persona~ Persona~ did you truly wish to see my persona? Still, this was not a satisfactory challenge. Perhaps I will have to find a way to simply insert myself into the fighting tournaments here and see if I can get an olive wreath to go with my title of manliest of men.”
Looking down at the pool now stained green the woman in blue shrugged, “Or I can make sure none of these things materialize tomorrow. That would be rather troublesome. I wonder if anyone will notice the water changing green. Oh! Is that dance music I hear in the distance?”
Suddenly forgetting the conflict, she simply started off into the night.

“Velvet oh velvet~…”
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Elizabeth smiles from a simple chair in a blue room that looks like the entire wall has been covered in a blue curtain tapping her chin for a second then looking at the book.

"Back home, one of my duties was to encourage action by offering rewards for tasks, it was a thing that seemed to give joy in some ways as it provided motivation and reward. Here I lack much to offer in the way of rewards and was wondering if there were any artisans that would perhaps like to have experimental pieces find a new way into the hands of others? I can offer my thanks for them, or simple fare food as that has been my current study but little more, still a new thing to do to break the tedium may help us all, no?"

She fiddles with a rather thick book on her lap and tilts her head.

"One other thing, I have read a great many basic cooking manuals here, since I have not been able to find many magical manuals and have yet to see a recipe for a mythical dish of my world. I believe it was called 'Mystery Food X.' I was wondering if anyone knew if this was a simple dish as that is all I am capable of creating now or something that great chefs aspired to make. This place offers potential but little motivation, so I am looking for it on my own and trying to forge my own path. This may be another step in it so I appreciate any help I can get."
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Elizabeth was out and about when she first started to notice the new people. People with no wings and faces that she didn't immediately recognize as people who were residents here. A brief thought that perhaps Igor sent someone looking for her goes through her mind, but that is silly, she was free to leave and unless they need her for a contract of her own she really had no intention of going back, still there may be faces she knows so she keeps an eye out.

Eventually moving into the town center she sits by the fountain and watches the people go by, singing quietly to herself, "Velvet oh velvet~"
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Elizabeth peers into her journal, with what could ALMOST be considered a look of concern on her face as she furrowed her brow slightly. Since she lost most of her power she no longer is certain that she can simply one shot sure kill Erebus were he to appear here and this has caused some concern.

"This celebration that I see being prepared for. The one to bring forth one of the many Messiah figures in the darkest of times. It is not in reality a celebration of ennui designed to wake Nyx from her slumber or to feed Erebus? I have noted on my world much of the food of Erebus comes at this time of year and I remember my first guest had to stop the awakening of Nyx now."

She shakes her head slightly, "If that is so there are other ways. Oblivion is not a good choice and while things seem dark feeding the beasts that would destroy the wall and end the pain is a bad solution. While I do not have the proper materials here to give quests to break the tedium here, I perhaps can assist in thinking of other ways to pass the time than oblivion? I have even seen children roped into this, please, perhaps I could..... Find a game?"


Oct. 21st, 2013 04:40 pm
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Time was something that was still somewhat of an enigma to Elizabeth. She had some experience with it, but this place and the multiple timelines had her confused. That and somehow deep inside of her she awoke with a fear that it may be a resource that could be wasted and she may suddenly be wasting it here she was looking for some answers.

"I was wondering, as I have met The Sister Complex Kingpin of Steel and he did not remember it. Were I to meet the others I challenged in the TV would that also be the case? Would Captain Ressentiment still be a wage slave and hero by night here? Has the Carnivore who Discarded womanhood discarded it yet? Has the Unconquerable Snow Black even begin to search for her prince? Have the roses of the Bloodcurdling Beefcake Emperor been planted yet? Has the 2000 IQ Killjoy Detective even begun to challenge the army of idiots? I know not which one of them even won the title of manliest of men and would like to ask. I know that we should be from the same time, yet it seems as if we are not."

"Time it seems is my greatest source of confusion here. It moves forward and some charge ahead as if it is a fleeting ghost, yet others simply sit and bide it, content to wait things out. I am not certain how I should look at it, and how it will aid or hurt my own quest. To those who have always lived with the clock chasing them, what is the best way of dealing with it? While Erebus and Chronos were both Titans, one seems more to be a natural order of things, or is moving to strike one down going to meet resistance from the others?"

She shakes her head and looks down a bit, letting out a small breath.

"Also, does this place get into your mind and make you feel in ways you have no experience with?"
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Elizabeth had been watching the identity crises that had been happening for the week and firstly, she was not suffering through one being spared the fake identity, secondly her own identity was something she was still figuring out so it all seemed odd to her. Still many people were upset, so she had given it some time before posing her question.

"People of this place, I admit that being spared some of the more odd parts of living the lie that was pushed on us a few weeks ago I am uncertain how to ask this but I shall try."

She takes a breath and nods.

"What about you is defined by you internally, and what about you is defined by the world around you? Is it all one? Is that why the previous lie was so difficult for many to see, or is there something different, like the fire that was stoked in many by the spirits that ran rampant when I came here? I myself am a bit confused by all of this and would appreciate any help. That and while I no longer have access to the many rewards for assistance from home and can offer little more than appreciation for help, still hope that kindness is a form of currency that has not been erased from this place."
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Who: Elizabeth and open
What: The town's eccentric music teacher is out and about
Where: All over town, the school during the day.
When: Days 1-7
Summary: Elizabeth thinks this is all a game, and she's a player. Best to find the rules before someone else figures out who the players are.
Warnings: None? Other than Elizabeth is odd

The night the world changed, Elizabeth was out of town, so she just watched and continued on as normal, what struck her as odd was when suddenly she passed out and woke up the next day in a strange bed. The house was small, there were pictures on the wall of people she didn't know, clothes that weren't hers yet fit and a journal of schedules. Curious she set out into the world and watched.

People continued about their business as this was normal and even some faces she recognized went on as if this was normal. Curious, but in a world of gods playing games with each other not impossible. It was however vital she understand the game if she were to play it, and given how she remembered before it was highly probable that she was picked as a player. Perhaps due to her wild card, perhaps due to the fact illusions were so easy to pick out she felt that she was a player and best not to let it on.

After her morning of seeing the world she looked at her journal and nodded.

"So I am a teacher of songs, I see. I shall have to play the game for now."

With that she went on living the life of a middle class music teacher.


May. 24th, 2013 01:30 pm
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"Hello! I am Elizabeth of the Velvet room and it seems that this tome is a form of communication, and that this place is some sort of prison from what I have been told, but I am searching for something."

She ponders slightly then nods, eyes twinkling slightly.

"If it is not too much to ask, if any of you know of the beast Erebus, shadows, or what a Wild Card Persona is, would you be willing to share your insight into these things? Also if any of you know of Tatsumi Port Island as a start point. I fear that is one of the few places in the realm of man that I have been. That, the moon and the recreation of a high school festival inside a realm that was apparently inside a television! Anyways, any information would be helpful as this seems to be the first step on my journey outside of the sea of the soul."

She starts to close the book and opens it again.

"Oh yes! One other thing, when in this realm, where does one stay? While I have been exploring this place since I got here, it would be nice to have a domain of my own, at least in the same way anyone does. A place to ponder my tome, the cards and perhaps see if I too can venture into the world of dreams while I am here."
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Out in the forest you may see a pale girl in blue with golden eyes with her journal tucked under her arm singing to the birds as she watches the clouds. The song is an odd one, animals like it, people will find it a bit unsettling, magic users will find it oddly terrifying. After a while she'll stop and look up at the sky.

"Hrm, this realm, I wonder if it is a dream, and if so who's for I never dreamed of being an angel myself."


Elizabeth wanders into town and sits in the center watching the people go by with a curious expression, sitting there staring into her book.

"This tome seems like the one I am missing, yet I see nothing about those many masks that were there. I wonder if this is what it is to be a guest, I wonder if my master will deal with me next. Hrm.... I wonder what it is that is cooking off in the distance?"

She sniffs a bit and peers around, seeming to ponder those things.
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Note: Entries from this point on are for the Luceti game! Mayfield has been over for a bit now.
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((ooc: Liz is suffering from Minato never existing so she may be a bit odd))

Action 1 - Park

[Elizabeth was in the park, petting a cat, looking less amused by the world and more irritated by it as she talked to it]

So here we are in a fake world filled with fakes. Fitting since mine was destroyed, did you know that? The one I was tasked to aid in its protection lost because not a single one of these humans had the courage to sign a simple contract. [She offers it a bit of fish and sighs] I suppose I should be happy that my brother's world found someone, but he was chosen to deal with those things, and ultimately that led to my sister being able to help but to sit at the sidelines and watch. It almost makes one wish to see these things lost to some monster that would devour them. Not like the Joker curse, that was apparently something in all of them but something to just destroy them, since that was all they apparently dreamed of.

Action 2 - The streets

[Its cold out and Elizabeth seems to be collecting wood for a fire when a drone man comes out of its stupor for a second and goes on about something dronish. A little girl appears next to Liz and giggles in a sinister way before uttering "Sir... Will you die for me?" as the drone just drops dead and Liz continues on her business, stopping only to put on the hat the drone was wearing.]

Its not even the right color....
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[Liz has been abducted and forced into a pod, or maybe she was just curious and peered too deeply into one before someone slammed the thing shut, its hard to be certain]


You know, sometimes I tire of this quest, you humans seek Erebus naturally, perhaps you truly deserve that fate. I never should have encouraged him to make social links, and never should have left the guidance of the velvet room. But since I am here, perhaps it is time I took a more proactive stance in fixing such a sad race.

Action - 1128 Taylor Road

[Liz is outside, cheerfully scratching something into the ground with a stick. Don't look at it though, it may cause your eyes to bleed, insanity, or you to want to ask Black Mage out on a date. Its dark, eldrich and quite possibly madness inducing. Its also some sort of summoning circle.]
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[Liz has been in the attic for a long time, she's heard people moving in decidedly non drone ways downstairs but the loss of her brother's charge has weighed heavily on her so she spent the time trying to find her center. Or someone to have horribly killed, but mostly her center as that's easier for her to do, but today she's venturing downstairs]

[Action] 1128 Taylor Road

[There is someone new in the house, Liz isn't afraid, but she probably should meet the person so she is looking around the house and if that fails, she's going to go outside and sing her horrible horrible songs (note, the harmony is pretty, just the words are in a language that is kind of terrifying unless you know magic, then is OMGWTF! scary]


Checking outside, it seems the Lovers calls to many of you with a dance. There was a poster about quarters and a man with horns which is of little concern to me, however I have many jewels for trade if you are willing to run errands for me either to embellish your own gowns with, or to impress the target of your affections. If you wish to make such a trade of service for gems I would be quite willing to assist.
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[Liz has had an irritating few days, her husband has been reduced to a drone and probably forever, and she still was feeling a bit odd from the milk, food just didn't seem appetizing.]

Action: 1128 Taylor

[There is a letter with Liz's name on it which she stuffs into her purse then goes about pruning the bushes, singing something that sounds pretty, but also horrible to anyone who can use magic. Horrible in the whole madness from lost souls way.]

Action: Park

[Liz has decided to open her letter, a single tarot card there bearing the chariot. As she does so a booming voice can be heard saying "I am thou... Thou art I... I come from the storm of the soul bearing thunder from the Chariot!" and a large hammer bearing Norse man appears before vanishing into her]
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[Liz has recently regained her coin purse and has decided that perhaps now is the time to make use of it]

Phone:  Drone Filter

"Many of you have mentioned a listless dislike of this place...  Existing in a state of readiness yet with nothing to do.  The town however has returned to me one of my articles of office, and now I offer something to you all...  I have tasks...  Endeavors..  Quests...  Whatever you call them, were it that you feel the need to expand your horizons, I have them...  As well as suitable reward.  Please, feel free to call and we may band together to face the darkness of inaction."

Action 1:  Around town

[You may notice Elizabeth shopping today, clothes, various odds and ends and food, dear goodness is she buying a lot of food, all the money is coming from a bulging coin purse that seems to have far more nickles in it than there should be space.]

Action 2:  The tavern

[Liz has asked (see bribed) a drone to drop off a box at the bar with a bright red bow to a Mr. Chulainn having inside it one pair of cowboy boots and one white cape, she then sits down in a booth near the door to watch]
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[Liz woke up and blinked shaking her head, what an odd dream that was.  Something about a contract and demons, but no matter it was Sunday morning and time to get the kids to church.  She really wished Derdot would come some day, but she knew he frequently had to work a graveyard so that was the way things went]

[Action]  General Store

[Its a holiday which means its her job to make a nice dinner, she's shopping, just it looks like she's shopping for 15 without noticing.]

[Action] 1128 Taylor Road

[Liz is at home, either cooking, enough for 15 people for some reason, nothing too complex, but more than enough, or she's out in the garden, singing another cheery song that will turn anyone's spine cold and if they use magic, will set off just about every warning alarm because its in a horrible tongue, just, most of the words are unfamiliar.]
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[Action] 1128 Taylor Road

[Liz has been up all morning, she doesn't usually sleep, but now she's cleaning, singing what could be a Snow White like cleaning song, saver for the fact its in the horrible dead language of Lost Carcosa.  She's already cleaned up all the chemical components in the basement and scrubbed out as many of the blood stains as possible.  She's also put a chemical list on all of the household cleaners.  She's just locked the kids in the crawl space and is making a cup of tea.]

[Action]  Roads to the Florist or General Store

[Liz is walking down the streets, smile on her face, still singing her horrible horrible song an empty cloth bag under her arm]

[Action]  Florist and General Store

[Liz is looking for things, peering at herbs, poisons, cleaning agents, all sorts of terrible things.  Also getting a box of Shake'n'Bake]
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[phone]  Filtered to anyone but members of SEES

"This may be a bit of an odd question, however, I was forced into a horrible dark place and those who were under my care were disposed of.  I know not if I have the courage to face them again but...  Given how time is not a constant I am lost.  How does humanity cope with these things for, I fear being made that way again."

[Action]  1128 Taylor Road and the streets to 1764 Beaver Street

[Elizabeth notices an envelope addressed to her and stuffs it in her purse as she slowly moves through the streets, she will stop outside of 1764 Beaver street and stare at it for a while, before letting out a breath and turning away.]

[Action 2]  Park

[Elizabeth sits by the water, staring at the envelope.  Letting out a small breath she opens it, a single card coming out of it as she stands up staring at it.  The card starting to float just above her hand.]

"....Per....  So...  Na."

[The card is immolated in purple flame as a disembodied voice can be heard booming around.  "I am thou....  Thou art I.  I come from the sea of thy soul.  I am the hound of Ulster,Cú Chulainn!"  A figure that looks like this erupting from her.  http://media.giantbomb.com/uploads/3/31815/956953-cuchulainn_large.jpg  (Click on the link, I'm too dumb to figure out the picture tag thismorning) ]

"I see..."


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